April 1st sold out!!!

That’s right. All 75 tickets are sold for April 1st Dinner & Play.

If you have bought your tickets to “Date With Destiny”, thank you.

Tickets are still available for the other nights!
March 24, 25, 31, April 7, 8

To buy & get the ticket immediately, go directly to the Inglewood General Store – cash or cheque only

To order tickets for yourself, friends, relatives, & neighbours, email me at inglewoodperformers@hotmail.com with the details:
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2017 Production


It is…a date!

There is certainly a place for the personal touch in the dating agency business, at least

so believes Mrs. White, the owner of long established Destiny Dating.

Ironically, the agency is located above the Relate Office which specialized in

relationship problems & marriage counseling.

Mrs. White & her secretary, Marian have always stood by their motto “Almost Isn’t Good

Enough!” as they painstakingly paired up their clients.

However patrons are sparse. They can only pair up clients with their friends for so long.

It is time for change.

A computer and an ‘advert’ in the local newspaper seem to be the answer.

Will Marian’s fear of lowering the tone of the agency come true?

Will it encourage the wrong type of person?

How will the new clients be match up?

And my goodness, how could a computer possibly cause havoc??

Come on out to find out!


Hope to see you at Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers next performance of Date With Destiny!


Date with Destiny

Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers


A Licensed Evening of Theatre

Date with Destiny

by Karen Doling

Inglewood Community Centre

15855 McLaughlin Road Inglewood, ON

Friday, March 24th 8 pm

Saturday March 25th 8 pm

Friday, March 31st 8 pm

Saturday, April 1st 6 pm

Dinner at the Inglewood United Church

15673 McLaughlin Road

Followed by the play at the Community Centre

Catered by & monies donated to Knox United Church

Friday, April 7th 8 pm

Saturday April 8th 8 pm

Theatre Doors open at 7:30 pm

TICKETS: Play $20.00

Play & Dinner $40.00

Available at:

Inglewood General Store

By email:


By phone: 905 838 2874

Date with Destiny

SAVE A Date for Date with Destiny

Advance notice:

Pick your date from the flyer – (Note: more dates than last year).

Tickets go on sale on Jan 28th.

Available at the Inglewood General Store.

Also available at Body Perks if you are a client.

OR online at this email address by reply.

OR by phone 905 838 2874

Hope to see you all at least at one of our performances.

More photos from the show

I mean the pot is right there.
I can’t believe no one offered ME tea.
How about some Timbits?
I’m getting some Timmy’s, anybody want a double-double?
At least it was only a letter...
Don’t you hate it when people read over your shoulder?
His suspenders are still fair game though
“Not going to make fun of vest anymore, are you?”
"I am from the planet Vulcan!"
If looks could kill
You deserve a break today
“How many times do I have to say it? Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun”
If you dusted more often this wouldn't happen
It’s that same spider. I thought you hit it with your shoe!

Ghosts – photos from the show!

Everyone was fascinated by the spider on the wall
He got the chair for his actions!
No? How about Cleveland?
Are you interested in buying a timeshare in New Jersey?
"You don't like when I sing 'I'm a little teapot' either!"
“Harry, if I have to hear you say ‘I put my boots on one at a time just like the rest of you’ one more time I’m going to murder you again!”
"Um, what's my line again?"
At this point EVERYONE looked away.


I would like to introduce our newest addition this year, Ms. Prompter, or as we like to call her by her nickname, “Line”. The casting director was not very enthusiastic about her screen test, but admitted there were certain roles that were suitable. In the next feature called “How Love-Nests are Made” she will play a supporting role. She will play the part of a bare limb.

Rehearsals are going GREAT!

Why does he get a script?

Why does he get to hold a script

Do you have time for me to tell you about Russell’s Teapot?

Do you have time to talk about Russels teapot

Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around…
Do the hokey pokey

Now, Jazzercise is simple… just feel the music.

in a circle

I’m a little teapot, short and stout.Im a little teapot

Why do I have to hold all the bags!Get back to work

I thought I was going to be Batman.on stage

Does this armour make me look fat?

Whos line


Of course I’m paying attention…
Of course Im paying attention