Performer Bios

Peggy Dickey – Producer

Peggy has been with the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers almost since it’s beginning. After taking some small roles on stage, she decided the other side of the curtain was for her. She was our prompt for many years evolving into the Director’s right-hand person, a jack of all trades taking on whatever needs doing. Last season, without technical or computer expertise, she became the Sound Tech. Peggy’s favorite job is securing and organizing props. (The group would say her favourite job is emailing & reminding).

Kathie Maloney – Director

Kathie Maloney – Paddy Thomas who founded this group was Kathie’s next door neighbour and one day she innocently asked Kathie: “Are you busy every evening? Do you think you could spare some time to help with props for our upcoming performance?” Well Kathie did help out with props that spring and then the next season ended up playing “Flo” in Paddy’s epic: “Flo and Ada’s War”. That all occurred around 1986 or so. The rest is, as they say, history. Kathie played many parts in the ensuing years and when Paddy had to retire as Director; Kathie then tried to fill her shoes. “Directing is challenging, fun and a lot more work than just learning lines. It is really satisfying to watch the actors’ growth over each season and year to year. Having the role of interpreting each part and determining the direction of the play is what I like to do best. The only draw-back to being the director is that I miss the adrenaline rush of being on stage in front of an audience. “ Kathie and the group took last year as a learning year. We all spent time learning how to formulate our parts, how to really read the play and how to get right into our characters. This year should be amazing.

Sheliagh Crandall

Sheilagh Crandall –  Sheilagh Crandall was lured into the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers with an innocent “of course” response to Kathie Maloney’s inquiry about filling a role (small!) in the upcoming play. That was back in 1997 or 1998 and I’ve been joyfully filling in every year since…and loving it!

Dan O’Reilly

Dan O’Reilly – Dan is the longest serving member of the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers. He joined the group in the mid-1980s on the strength of a news release in a local newspaper. Written by the founder Paddy Thomas, it suggested it only required a one night-a-week commitment. It didn’t quite work out that way. Over the years he has played many roles including a doctor, a detective, and an English bobby. One of his favourite roles was that of an impoverished painter in the 2010 production of Mark Twain’s Is He Dead?

Marce Showell

Marce has been involved with Inglewood Schoolhouse Theatre for four years.  She has not  tried her hand at acting but has enjoyed helping with set painting, backstage props
and being the prompt.  She really likes the community involvement – amateur theatre is exciting to be part of and we all have fun and many laughs.  Marce looks forward to many more seasons with this theatre group.

Mike Fortin

Born in North Bay , Ontario.  Mike Fortin was introduced to the Inglewood School House Performers ( more like Shanghaied) by Director and friend Kathy Maloney for a small part in the 2009 plays Family Album and Star Chamber.  As the old saying goes ( “you don’t know until you try it “) certainly applies; Mike was hooked ,not only by the adrenaline rush of being on stage but the great camaraderie shared among cast and crew.  He later went on to play such characters as villain (Bastien Andre) in “Is He Dead” and loveable (Joe Pollop ) in “Too Soon For Daisies” just to mention a few. Is looking forward to this coming production of “How Does Your Garden Grow”

Audrey Partridge

After years of corporate work that required daily interaction with acting on all levels, Audrey chooses to use her creative talents to assist in costume, set design and marketing efforts for the group. She loves small town theatre and the process of idea, rehearsal and finished product.  The intimacy of the audience and the actors always nets unexpected moments.

Laurette Wyshnicki

Laurette was born and raised in Winnipeg.  It was through school musicals that she found a love for the stage.  With choreography in her background along with vocals, her first major production was with Niagara Falls theatre company.  She join the chorus line for NO NO Nanette.  Once her sons left the roost, she join our theatre group in 2009, playing various characters for the last five seasons.  2014 found Laurette back with music in Globe’s Production of War and Revolution where she was part of the cast and sang a solo – “I’ll Be Seeing You”.

Emily Maloney

Em loves ducks, which is at odds with Debbie’s “No Duck” clause in her contract, so Em is forced to hide the ducks in specially designed pants.  If you see Em’s pants twitching, please take your bread outside.

Larry Flint

Larry joined the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers in 1998 after being approached by a neighbour when they needed another male actor. He had no previous experience. Since that time he has acted in 13 plays. He has also done stage design for Hot Bed Hotel in 2007, sponsorship and program in 2012, and ticket sales from 2010 to present. Larry can be seen distributing flyers to Inglewood residents as he canvasses for Heart & Stroke in February every year.

Lee Ann Goldthorp

Lee Ann joined the group in 2006 with her debut as a dedicated nymphomaniac in Hotbed Hotel.  The following year she was advanced to the role of a dead hooker and well it has gone downhill since then.  Lee Ann did however journey into improv with Second City but came back to us with wig in hand.

Peggy Reid

Peggy is a long time member of the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers and has taken on many roles over the years.  On stage or behind the scenes, Peggy has worked a multitude of roles and parts. She has worked on promoting the Performers through photos, posters and programmes, as well as working the front office, filling the need for help where ever she can.

Michel Chevalier

Michel has been a member of the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers since 1988 and has played many parts…his favorite was ‘The Man’ in The Man Who Came to Dinner. Over the years he has done a bit of directing and prompting and stage work but mostly loves to act. He started acting in Grade 5 and continued all through school. Michel has many fond memories of the theatre but one that stands out is the Saturday acting lessons at the magical Hedgerow Theatre near Philadelphia, under the tutelage of Jasper Deeter, during his high school years.

Leslie Prior

Leslie was looking for something fun to do to get through the winter. When she saw that the Inglewood School House Players were looking for new members for their next performance “How Does your Garden Grow” , it peaked her interest. How perfect was that! After all she has been a member of the Inglewood Garden Club since 2010. Well you can imagine her surprise to find out that the play had nothing to do with gardening. However, it could be based on a parody of one of her all time favorite TV series, Fawlty Towers. Leslie has always enjoyed making people laugh and is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with the marvelous people who make up this theater group.

Donald Prior

When Don, a local Inglewood resident, retired after many years of “cutting up”, he was looking for new adventures to keep him “sharp”. His wife Leslie encouraged him to audition for the upcoming play “How does Your Garden Grow”. He looks forward to the challenge of adopting a  different “persona” as Roger Crompton and stepping outside his comfort zone.

Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore is a theatre enthusiast and this is her first year with Inglewood Schoolhouse Players. She joined to help wherever she could, but got the “acting bug” and will be playing the role of Jane Fenton in “How Does your Garden Grow”. Her previous acting experience includes participating in two school musical plays back in Brazil, where she grew up. Now some 30 years after her last performance she is looking forward to getting on stage again!

Cynthia Weeden

Cynthia Weeden joined the Players in 2019 when she saw a call for actors on Facebook. An avid supporter of local arts and community events, she watched from the audience 3 years previously and thought I can do that.  Her last performance was as a very sultry Sonia in Godspell 1987 Dunnville Secondary School.  She is thrilled to be back on stage again.

Michelle Jones

Michelle and her daughter Lily were looking for a mom/daughter activity.  When they saw the Inglewood Players sign they thought… “how hard can that be?”Michelle brings to her performances strong acting skills developed during the 3 night run of a 6th grade musical production “Snow White” in which she played the 2nd skunk. 

Lily Canning

Born in 2005, Lily is a “child of the Village”.  She currently attends Mayfield Secondary and is enjoying drama class.   

Lynn Riley

Lynn and her husband attended an Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers’ production a couple of years ago.  At the time, her husband asked his wife, “Will I see your name in this program one day?”  Lynn smiled as she thought….hmmmm…that is a possibility.  Lynn joined the group for the 2019 season and was cast as Louise Laverne in the play – Where The Brass Bands Play.  This season, she plays an alien inspector – Rummage in Above And Beyond.  Lynn went to theatre school in Toronto as a teenager and took Drama in university.  After MANY years away from the stage, she is loving the fun of performing again and the  camaraderie of the Inglewood group.