A Dark and Stormy Night – Rehearsals

Everything is going so fantastically for our 2018 production. The cast and crew are prepped and ready, and having so much FUN!

This is the one that stumped Trump
The difficult to master “linking hands” routine
Really, I'm a knight. Even during the day.
I’m a knight. Look at the crest here.
All was well when they were replaced with poutine.
Things got a little intense at rehearsals when the cast found out who ate the last of the Timbits.
I can't help it if I liked creamed corn in a can
“Each of these links were forged in life each time I said ‘no’ to farm fresh corn on the cob”
"No I don't need to update my long distance package!"
Just before the big dance number, let me take this call
"I can show you the world. Or maybe just Inglewood..."
There’s no body in here. It’s the magic carpet from Aladdin.
Hand on the shoulder is a risky move these days, but he thought he’d try it
But she is dancing
I’m not sure if this is the “Lady in Red” that Chris DeBurgh was referring to
“He who doth smelt it, doth dealt it”
"But I drive a Prius"
“Park in my spot ONE more time….”
My children. I need to get out of the house because they are at home!
“I’d like to thank the little people who got me here…”
bit dangerous when the guy has a sword in his hand though
Hand on the shoulder is a risky move these days but he thought he’d try it…
And she's getting married!
How the hell did we get Dame Helen Mirren!!!!
the beatboxers in back were having a jolly old time
The king was impressed with the fool’s breakdancing.
She definitely didn't look like her Tinder profile
The guys were not impressed.