Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark by Tim Kelly – 2013

Dark 11
The big hand is on the 11 and the little hand…
Dark 10
Wait, who am I playing again?
Dark 9
“You shall not pass!”
Dark 8
I sure picked an odd time to start watercolours.
Dark 7
I don’t think Mad Scientists are supposed to have name badges
Dark 6
Method acting: reading in a library
Dark 5
My other dressing room is a video store
Dark 4
So the left hand goes in, then the left hand goes out, then I shake it all about?
Dark 3
Someone tell her she’s supposed to be wearing clothes under her jacket.
Dark 2
Maybe more people will come on the second night.
Dark 1
The desk chair didn’t like being upstaged by the red chair…. revenge would be his