Date with Destiny Cast

A top notch salesman has little time to look for the right lady so Destiny Dating is the agency for MICHAEL DARCY. He’s been burned before so he’s cautious about the kind of woman he’d like to meet. Will Destiny Dating have difficulty finding someone who appreciates Mr. Darcy’s unique sense of humour?

ROBIN is also known as ‘The Computer Delivery Man.” He is the FORCE that brings Destiny Dating into the 21 Century!!….well perhaps the 20th Century. All right, he just delivers the computer. I wonder how computerization is going for Destiny Dating??

MRS. GUINEVERE PARKER (that’s VERE & don’t you forget it!) is a 30-ish, well actually more a 40-ish, dolly bird who, in desperation, has turned to a dating agency. So far all her Mr. Rights have turned out to be Mr. Wrongs. Will Destiny Dating do a better job??