2017 Production


It is…a date!

There is certainly a place for the personal touch in the dating agency business, at least

so believes Mrs. White, the owner of long established Destiny Dating.

Ironically, the agency is located above the Relate Office which specialized in

relationship problems & marriage counseling.

Mrs. White & her secretary, Marian have always stood by their motto “Almost Isn’t Good

Enough!” as they painstakingly paired up their clients.

However patrons are sparse. They can only pair up clients with their friends for so long.

It is time for change.

A computer and an ‘advert’ in the local newspaper seem to be the answer.

Will Marian’s fear of lowering the tone of the agency come true?

Will it encourage the wrong type of person?

How will the new clients be match up?

And my goodness, how could a computer possibly cause havoc??

Come on out to find out!


Hope to see you at Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers next performance of Date With Destiny!