Dinner and a Play, WOW!


What a great deal and all the proceeds go to an amazing cause.

Tickets are going fast for the dinner!
Saturday March 28, 6 pm, $20.
At the Inglewood United Church
Presented by & proceeds to Caledon Meals on Wheels
Tickets at The Store, Coffee Bean & 838 2874

Note that the $20 is the cost of the dinner, you need to purchase tickets for the play separately.

How does your garden dinner


Peter Fenton is the owner of the financially strapped Lakeview Country House, an establishment in dire need of guests. He can’t face his financial situation but hiding is not going to help when The Bank descends.


Peter is played by Joe Rose who comes to us from Brampton. He’s been involved in community theatre for over 30 years, one of those stories where his children got him involved then left the drama scene..but he ‘plays’ on. Joe, welcome to our group.


Jane is Peter’s wife. She loves her husband dearly but some days…(sigh) ..his antics can be quite exhausting. Jane has fond memories of the music festivals of her youth and is still a fan of rock n’ roll.


Andrea Moore of Inglewood portrays Jane. She is new to our company this year. She took on the role of props manager but when one of out members couldn’t continue, she stepped into the role of Jane. She is such a willing helper in all aspects of the production.


Roger Crompton is a senior bank official, aging lothario and a legend in his own mind. He’s looking forward to a secret weekend of hanky-panky. What could go wrong??


Don Prior of Inglewood plays Roger. He didn’t know what he was getting into when his wife dragged him to our Open House. Don, who spent his life ‘operating’ and ‘cutting up’ brings these skills to the stage, not only acting but also building the set. Don’t know what we would have done without you, Don. Welcome!


Ruth Bleach is the hard-edged bank official bent on closing down the hotel. She is a ‘ruth’less business woman, the ‘shark’ of the loans department and all round piranha.


Margaret Brady, a resident of Caledon East, plays the part of Ruth. She has been a member of Milton Players, Georgetown Little Theatre, Erin Theatre and Blackhorse. We certainly welcome Margaret’s experience, her help and her enthusiasm to our group.


Nathan Pond is a faded rock star launching a come-back at the local grassroots music festival. After a life of sex, drugs & rock’n roll, his brain cells are not always firing on all cylinders. Nathan still has his fans who remember the glory days and follow him…literally ‘follow’ him.


Mike Fortin plays the part of Nathan. He comes to us from Orangeville. Mike has been with the company since 2009 when our director begged him to take a small roll–just this once. As they say, the rest is history.


Cassandra Blue is Nathan’s agent, manager and life support system. She rescued him from re-hab and is determined he will stay clean to make his rock star comeback. Cassandra is one ‘Foxy Lady’ with her own demons to manage.


Tanya Nordin from Inglewood appears as Cassandra. You’ll know her from Body Perks and Riverdale Fitness Mill in town. Tanya has lent us her sons to move heavy objects & take part in plays. She’s done makeup but this time Tanya has taken on a role herself. We welcome her enthusiasm.


Saskia Ballttina is the only hotel employee. She is from Latvia and is completely unflappable in even the most ludicrous situation. Her goal is to appear busy but do as little as possible.


Sheilagh Crandall who lives in Caledon, plays the part of Saskia. Around 1997 our director coerced Sheilagh into taking a small part and she’s been ‘filling in’ ever since. She even persuaded her sisters to join. Sheilagh has also done some directing for our group.


Daphne Flannel is Nathan’s #1 fan–to extreme. This crazed Stalker scares the stuffing out our Nathan. Will it be enough to push him over the edge & sent him back to re-hab?


Laurette Wyshnicki plays the part of Daphne Flannel. Laurette joined our group in 2009. She is our only member who can sing! Last year she took a break from us to join Globe Theatres’s musical production, War & Revolution, where she was part of the cast and sang the solo, “I’ll Be Seeing You”. We’re glad she’s back with us.