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How Does your Garden Grow

By kind arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts
How Does Your Garden Grow
Geoff Bamber
How Does Your Garden Grow has nothing to do with gardens and everything to do with fun.
A romping farce where mistaken identity abounds when the adulterous affair of an aging banker and his barracuda colleague collide with a faded rock star, his hippy manager and deranged stalker. To make matters worse, this dirty weekend rendezvous takes place in the small hotel the bank is threatening to close. Add a befuddled hotel owner, his nostalgic wife, their Latvian assistant, a prim police woman and the  bank’s Human Resources underling and you have the ingredients for a fun filled evening presented by the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers.


Just wanted to quickly let you know that the performance on March 28th has officially sold out.
There are still dinner tickets available for that night, so if you purchased tickets for the show and would like to get dinner tickets, you still have an opportunity.

Or, if you’d like, you could support the Caledon Meals On Wheels program by purchasing the dinner on the 28th and then seeing our show another night.  It really is a good cause, so please support them!


Martin Trott also works for the bank. He is in Human Resources. Dragged away from the music festival, he finds himself entangled in Roger’s shenanigans.


Owen Goltz of Inglewood takes the part of Martin. His laughter is infectious and his carpentry skills are so greatly appreciated. Welcome Owen.


WCP Wendy Primm is the investigating police officer. Her usual charge is training “School Crossing Patrol Operatives” but now she finally has her chance to conduct a real investigation.


Leslie Prior of Inglewood plays Wendy. She has come to realize the play has nothing to do with gardening but lots to do with fun & chaos. We certainly welcome Leslie’s smiling face and subtle sense of humour. Good to have you as a member of our group.

Dinner and a Play, WOW!


What a great deal and all the proceeds go to an amazing cause.

Tickets are going fast for the dinner!
Saturday March 28, 6 pm, $20.
At the Inglewood United Church
Presented by & proceeds to Caledon Meals on Wheels
Tickets at The Store, Coffee Bean & 838 2874

Note that the $20 is the cost of the dinner, you need to purchase tickets for the play separately.

How does your garden dinner


Peter Fenton is the owner of the financially strapped Lakeview Country House, an establishment in dire need of guests. He can’t face his financial situation but hiding is not going to help when The Bank descends.


Peter is played by Joe Rose who comes to us from Brampton. He’s been involved in community theatre for over 30 years, one of those stories where his children got him involved then left the drama scene..but he ‘plays’ on. Joe, welcome to our group.


Jane is Peter’s wife. She loves her husband dearly but some days…(sigh) ..his antics can be quite exhausting. Jane has fond memories of the music festivals of her youth and is still a fan of rock n’ roll.


Andrea Moore of Inglewood portrays Jane. She is new to our company this year. She took on the role of props manager but when one of out members couldn’t continue, she stepped into the role of Jane. She is such a willing helper in all aspects of the production.


Roger Crompton is a senior bank official, aging lothario and a legend in his own mind. He’s looking forward to a secret weekend of hanky-panky. What could go wrong??


Don Prior of Inglewood plays Roger. He didn’t know what he was getting into when his wife dragged him to our Open House. Don, who spent his life ‘operating’ and ‘cutting up’ brings these skills to the stage, not only acting but also building the set. Don’t know what we would have done without you, Don. Welcome!


Ruth Bleach is the hard-edged bank official bent on closing down the hotel. She is a ‘ruth’less business woman, the ‘shark’ of the loans department and all round piranha.


Margaret Brady, a resident of Caledon East, plays the part of Ruth. She has been a member of Milton Players, Georgetown Little Theatre, Erin Theatre and Blackhorse. We certainly welcome Margaret’s experience, her help and her enthusiasm to our group.